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It is also a volume licensing legalization that provides a way to address the possibility of legalization in existing PCs. The ESD license for Windows 10 Pro is assigned to a device (server) and grants an advanced user of the licensed device (server) the right to use Windows 10 Pro in a virtual environment on a licensed device (server) with another device (with or without an operating system). There is no limit to the number of licenses assigned to a single device (server) in the EULA. New ways to interact with Windows help you expand your capabilities. The digital pen makes it easy to create thumbnails, sketches, notes, switching between folders and files. Windows 10 Mobile is designed for small touch-enabled devices. In this edition, the same universal apps that are part of Windows 10 Home will be available, as well as a new touch version of Office. Some new devices may use Continuum mode for phones with Windows 10 Mobile. For those who use their phone or tablet at work, Windows 10 Mobile offers advanced features to maximize productivity, security, and device manageability. To purchase the required Windows 10 Pro licenses through Microsoft Volume Licensing, you can use one of two Get Genuine Windows Agreement (GGWA) options for commercial organizations: Familiar and improved Windows 10 is familiar and convenient, it has many similarities to Windows 7, including the Start menu.

It boots up and starts quickly, includes more built-in security features, and works with existing software and hardware. This is a quick and secure unlocking of the device using a PIN, facial recognition or fingerprint. Additional equipment (e.g. fingerprint scanner, infrared sensor or other biometric sensors) may be required to use it. Designed for large enterprises, Windows 10 Mobile Enterprise Edition combines all the features of Windows 10 Mobile with more flexible update management tools. In addition, security updates and various innovative features for this response are released more quickly. Windows 10 Pro and Windows Server links (sold separately). This allows you to set network connectivity and security policies for all users and devices. You can easily find different printers and files, manage accounts, computers and groups. A large number of different programs for the business needs of the company. Make sure you protect and update your devices.

This feature restricts children`s access to adult content and lets you manage automatic screen lock and online purchases when you sign in your family`s Microsoft accounts. Home / Online Store / Catalog / Operating Systems / Windows Home / Microsoft Windows 10 Pro / Microsoft Windows Professional 10 (OLV NL Any Legalization License GetGenuine wCOA), price for 1 license. Quick access from your PC to files and photos stored on your smartphone. Supports devices running Android and iOS systems. You can also view websites, calendars, and apps installed on your computer from your mobile device. To use this feature, it is enough to install a special application from Microsoft. How do I assign a Windows license to virtual machines on a server? WinPro 10 SNGL OLP NL Legalization GetGenuine is a product offered as part of the Get Genuine Windows agreement for small and medium-sized organizations. It simply refers to Windows 10 Pro. Device encryption If you enable this feature, only authorized users will be able to access your PC and any data on it. Supported near Windows devices. Encrypting your data provides enhanced protection. An annual license (annual subscription) available under the three-year OVL, OVW and OVS programs.

This license is assigned to a device that has a primary user. This primary user is allowed to use up to four instances of Windows 10 Pro or Windows 10 Enterprise in virtual machines on a fully assigned (owned or leased) hardware server to the VDA buyer. Instead of Windows 10, virtual machines on the server are allowed to use any previous version of Windows. This license does not grant the right to install, run, and use the Windows desktop locally on the licensed device. It is not necessary to have an operating system on the licensed device. The required number of VDA licenses must be purchased annually. Windows is the Windows Hello feature of Microsoft`s desktop operating system. With Windows Hello, the device recognizes the user by their appearance and provides additional security, comfort, and even friendly reception. Microsoft Windows 10 software is a new universal operating system designed for all types of devices.

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