Why Does Law Betray Luffy

The law will not betray Luffy. He`s a good guy and he doesn`t betray his friends. We saw it twice when he said that if Luffy died against Doflamingo, he would, and when he sacrificed himself in a wano to save his crew. That will not happen. This statement seems to indicate that there will be a betrayal that will occur in the Straw Hat Alliance. Anyway, for this reason, I think he will end the alliance, but will not betray Luffy and fight alongside him until they defeat Kaido and Big Mom. Personally, I think it`s highly unlikely that Law will betray the Strawhats for a host of reasons: Now that I`ve told you that Lammy is the forgotten D, the next thing you`ll think about is, “How will the dead characters get Law to betray the Straw Hats?” Well, we only saw the bodies of Law`s parents, not Law`s sister. We saw Lammy last time, it was at the hospital where Law had hidden her, and when he came back to the hospital, he saw the hospital burn. Because of this law, the law assumed that she died in flames and so did we. As far as we know, Law`s goal was the defeat of Doflamingo. The destruction of SAD would bring Kaido`s wrath to the head of Doflamingo if the Strawheart Alliance failed. Luffy saved Law`s life, and I think it`s pretty proven that telling Bepo and the others not to inform Luffy of his capture was a distraction for the traitors` conspiracy.

My head is that he thought Luffy or the Strawhats were trying to save him. In my personal opinion, there is no reason for Law to betray Luffy, but at the same time, it is an incentive for Oda to give Law other motives for the betrayal that we are not yet aware of. My personal belief is that this will end with Law joining the Strawhats as a strategist with Yamato and Carrot. Whereas I think Law is too deeply rooted in this alliance and too fan favorite for Oda to suddenly let him betray the Straw Hats now, but for anyone who believes that Law showed no interest in One Piece or that his only goal in life was to defeat Doflamingo: This chapter points out that Law is at least interested in “stealing the throne” before jumping. And, even more anecdotally, when Luffy Kid and Law announce that he would be the one to find One Piece, they both give him a look that suggests they both have a personal interest in the subject. Here`s One Piece 1047`s surprise about Law`s betrayal of Luffy. Monkey D Ruffy`s journey as the main character to One Piece 1047 has so far gone smoothly and betrayal. This is one of the most heartbreaking scenes in the history of One Piece.

Luffy doesn`t fight back, knowing that Sanji was forced into that position. Nami even drops the taste from Sanji`s mouth, irritated by his betrayal. Thus, from chapter 964 until Kaido`s defeat, Law will not betray the Straw Hats, even though he seems to have joined Kaido, Law`s ultimate goal will be to defeat Kaido. And to achieve this, he could even join Kaido and secretly help the Straw Hats defeat Kaido from within. But once Kaido is defeated, I feel like Law will betray the Straw Hats. What for? That`s because Law assured Luffy that he won`t betray Straw Hats. And already in the Punk Hazard arc in chapter 668, Robin even told that alliances go hand in hand with betrayal. Both can be achieved if Law betrays Luffy to the world government at the end of the arc after Kaidou is defeated. Since Luffy defeated Kaido, the alliance is over and Law did not betray the straw hats during his alliance, and Robin`s premonition has also come true because the alliance ended in betrayal.

I mean, it was hard to see a vagina betray them all. They`ve been through so much together. In extension, I will talk about another D, as well as another possible D.By the way, Law will not reveal the straw hats for Kaido. Even though it seems that Law has completely betrayed the Straw Hats for Kaido, Oda will find a way to make Law believe that he “did what he did” to help the Straw Hats. That`s because Law has nothing to gain from Kaido. According to One Piece 1047, Ruffy`s closest partner, Trafalgar Law, wanted to betray the Straw Hats. And the person who does it is always a clever figure and has a mature strategy like Blackbeard against Whitebeard`s pirate group and Shiryu against the Marines. So there have been a handful of quotes of pirate alliances that don`t end well and end in betrayal.

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